Uniform Programs and Corporate Accounts

While our foundation is the passionate pursuit of delivering individuals unmatched products and services, we also leverage those one on one experiences and personalized feedback to provide enterprise solutions for your organization without the “one size fits all” nonsense pushed in the marketplace.

A Cut Above currently services accounts from as few as 10 to as many as 3000 team members. We can help optimize an existing program or create one from scratch. Sometimes we begin building trust with just one or two categories that another vendor is struggling to provide. We look forward to learning more about your company needs and offering solutions.

Learn more about some features of our corporate accounts below.

Dollar for dollar, uniforms are arguably the most impactful employee benefit. With our leading software, you can directly manage all aspects of an employee uniform allowance. Remove and add personnel, edit amounts for an individual, and view account activity from your own access point. You’re in control or you can set it and forget it.

With a vertical and nimble manufacturing structure, we can produce and distribute custom items on your terms. We create solutions for custom branded items and provide the necessary distribution and administration model to match your operational needs. With substantial technology and personnel investments, we are prepared to take ownership of this part of your operation. Your employees will have a customized shopping experience so they know exactly how and what to order in accordance with your program. Products, pricing, informational pages and checkout can be tailored to your company needs. Our goal is to transform your uniforms into a valuable benefit and retention tool that efficiently promotes your mission.

Exclusive Items
As your uniform solution, we can set up a custom storefront for your group with items unique to your company. We also handle distribution and administration of any number of apparel items sourced from our network of partners. This piece of our operation provides solutions when our core expertise or minimum order quantities do not align with an apparel piece your program needs.