About Us

From the owner:

The mission at A Cut Above Uniforms is promoting the professionalism and pride inherent to the careers of our customers, team members, and vendors. With thoughtful design and continued pursuit of superior products and services, our company champions the professions we serve including pilots, flight attendants, maritime crews, security officers, and emergency medical technicians.

The origins of the company began when I received my first pilot uniform in the mail. I felt let down with the fit, fabric and features. Several years on as I began thinking of a business I could start, I kept coming back to uniforms and came up with a list of innovations and principles that would guide us. I felt we had a good chance of success if I provided products I would love and service that made the whole process easier.

With 13 years under our belts , the journey of our company continues as we welcome new customers every year along with developing new offerings for security and emergency medical personnel. We’re excited to bring our mission to more professions and expand our customer reach and our ever growing team. We are a complete solution provider to our corporate and individual customers with our primary focus on product development, production, and logistics. At the same time, our customer service department is built to ensure a positive experience that reflects our company values of treating one another with respect and consideration. We hope you enjoy the products and services we have built together.

Chris Pilarski