Measurement and Fit - Men's

Let's get it right and find YOUR BEST FIT! All you need is your typical home tape measure to save the time and hassle of returning an incorrect size.

If you are in the Greater Denver/CO area and would like a personal fitting, please visit us in our showroom. Make an appointment using our fitting appointment booking tool.

Tall 6'3" or above?

Our tall pilot shirts are 2” longer through the body and the short sleeve is 1” longer, making them appropriate for 6’3”+ only. Unlike other brands, we do not skimp on shirt length.


Find your circumference, then add 1/2” for comfort ease.


Place tape measure around the chest at the nipple line, high up under the arms and over the shoulder blades in the back. The tape measure should be snug, so it does not droop down (but not tight).

Pant Measurements

Selecting the proper trouser size is based on 2 primary selections, waist and inseam.  

Waist - Finding the right size fit will require 3 measurements - your physical waist circumference (where your waist band will actually be worn, usually the smallest part of the waist), your hips, and thighs.  Our trouser size charts include the max dimensions for each of these measurements.

InseamStart with a pair of pants you own that fit you well and lay them flat on the floor. Measure the length from the crotch seam to the bottom of the leg - this is your inseam. Use this measurement to help you choose your inseam length.


Place tape measure at the base of the neck (prominent bone) extending over the shoulder, down the outside of the arm with the arm slightly bent, ending at the wrist joint.

Taking five minutes of your time will help us provide you a better fit. Although we have worked to simplify the process, returning items takes time and inevitably has the potential for frustration.