Posted by Chris Pilarski on Jan 18th 2024

Boosting Morale – Pride of Position

Looking for a cost-efficient initiative to enhance employee morale and pride of position?

Let’s talk about one way your company may not be missing out on a cost-efficient way to more effectively promote how your team members feel about their work. We’re talking about something often overlooked or underestimated. We’re talking about something that affects their initial morning impressions of their role and relationship with their employer. This little something remains present throughout their shift.

We’re talking about workwear aka... uniforms! A uniform can be as minimal as a hat or shirt to start.

You know how you feel when you’re dressed up. Do you stand a little taller because you feel a little more successful?

Whether just a shirt, a hat, a jacket or full uniform, donning these items is one of each team member’s first interactions with your company each time they prepare to report to work.

We all know the well “worn” value of first impressions. Enhanced workwear allows you to optimize one of their first impressions of how a team member relates to your company.

Do they come away from that impression feeling pride for their position? Do they feel cared for by the company?

If your uniforms or lack thereof make a less than favorable impression, you're starting off each shift on the wrong shoe!

Uniforms also promote company unity and branding to your customers.

Modern day uniform programs are now managed with minimal administration with all ordering and distribution done between the employee and provider. Private custom stores ensure your team orders the correct items including custom color highlights to promote your brand and allow your customers to identify your team.

Technology allows for seamless online user list maintenance and consolidated billing and payments.

Uniforms can also be a tool that gives your team the comfort, safety, and functionality to perform their work well. Quality uniforms undergo more stringent testing for the absence of harmful chemicals while also maximizing durability. Quality uniforms are designed to offer more functionality for those on the go with larger pockets, easier care, and designs for specific work environments.

Promoting moral and team unity. Consider the significant role of uniforms in the military and among public safety professions. Uniforms quickly identify someone’s role and are a source of pride. People recognize that the wearer is a professional with a mission to serve.