Mens Pants - Falcon Poly Wool - Graphite Navy

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On our airline pilot uniform trousers, the waistband height is modern professional: not too low to be inappropriate or cause untucking, but not too high to compromise our style goal of fashionable professional.

Made of high grade machine washable 52% Polyester / 45% Wool / 3% Spandex blend, these pants are optimized to benefit from the poly, the wool, and the spandex.

What makes our airline uniform trousers great?

  • Airline compliant color, style, quality
  • Machine Washable
  • Value Priced
  • Consistent and reliable color matching
  • Durable Anti-Static finish
  • No fading
  • No scratchy wool - only long fine wool fibers
  • Dependable and durable

What can make a uniform trouser not so great?

  • Low crotch that binds with each stride
  • Skin irritating low quality wools and finishes
  • Dry clean requirements taking up your time and money
  • Static buildup
  • Inconsistent color that may or may not match a blazer
  • Baggy legs that make you look shorter and stockier.

Wool is the best material for making pants. Not only will it hold a crease for multiple wears, it also absorbs moisture while releasing odors unlike the low price alternative polyester/rayon. Cotton pants are nice for your days off but cannot provide the professional image that your passengers look for and your chief pilot expects.

Graphite Navy