Men's Blazer - Goshawk Poly Viscose - Navy


All blazers are delivered with sleeve lengths unfinished, to be finished by a local tailor of your choosing.

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What makes our uniform blazers great?

  • Uniform compliant color, style, quality
  • Value Priced
  • Consistent and reliable color matching
  • Durable Anti-Static finish
  • No fading
  • Dependable and durable
  • Easily tailored through the sleeves


Our pilot uniform blazer is styled and shaped to be trend current and understated for an easy everyday look. Narrower lapels, a more tailored shape, and a bit shorter than your older blazer.

Blazers are the most functional layering piece of a pilot uniform. Easy to take on or off, it offers the perfect solution for remaining comfortable in a heated cockpit or terminal while still being ready to do a walk around or wait for the shuttle on a 50-degree day. From wearing a shirt and blazer on those milder days, you can increase your comfort range by adding a sweater or an outerwear piece, both of which can be paired with the blazer’s narrow and non-bulky profile.

Corporate flight departments may opt for no stripes or thin stripes for a more understated style. Year to year color and style consistency make this a better option than your local retailer.

Refined through the years by customer feedback, our men's pilot uniform Blazers are truly designed in collaboration with our customers.