Women's Shirts Product Details

Please note: Not all options and sizes are available in each configuration.

Don't forget to consult our Women's Size Charts and How to Measure for Fit suggestions. They are real world and real useful.

Refined through the years by customer feedback, our women's pilot uniform shirts are truly designed in collaboration with our customers.

Step 1 - Fit

Maternity shirts have straight torso, longer lengths and a straight hem.


  • Cirrus - Wrinkle resistant mid-weight poly cotton twill prized for its durability and wrinkle resistance. Available in short sleeves only.

  • Tropo - Nearly wrinkle free with tons of stretch makes this our most popular women's shirt fabric. Available in all the women's configurations. Made of polyester, rayon, and spandex, the fabric is heavier than the Cirrus but undergarment coverage is similar.

Collar Style

Open Collar - Made with a curved open placket and without the two top buttons. Intended to be worn without a necktie or with a scarf. The collar can be worn loose or fastened down by under buttons.

Shirt Length

Tall versions have longer sleeves and body. Recommended for 5'9" and above or long torsos. Tall shirts will be 1 ½" (3.75cm) longer in the length and 1/2" (1.9cm) longer in the sleeves.

Wing Eyelets

Wing eyelets are an option on all our shirts and are placed approximately 1" above the left pocket. While not required for those wearing metal wings, it does make it easier to align your wings and does protect the shirt from repeated perforations.

Eyelet Spacing

Tailored Torso

We take the shirt apart at the side seam and reduce the total circumference by the selected amount. This will reduce the shirt's width from just below the armpit to the bottom of the shirt by the selected amount. If you pinch off 1/4" on each side, that would equal a 1" reduction as you are pinching off 1/4" x 4. Customized shirts cannot be returned.

Torso Reduction